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Addressing Hearing Loss May Improve Care of Older Adults

In Family & Relationships, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Research by Zach Kenealey, HIS

Hearing loss has multifaceted effects that impact more than one’s hearing health. Though hearing loss is the third most common chronic medical condition people experience today, affecting over 48 million people, it remains undertreated. It is estimated that only one-third of people who could benefit from treatment, actually receive it. This highlights that millions of people live with untreated hearing …

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Facts & Fictions about Hearing Loss

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Zach Kenealey, HIS

Though hearing loss is one of the most common conditions people live with today, there are numerous misconceptions about it. This often prevents or delays people from addressing hearing loss symptoms which can take a toll on health in a variety of ways. Deconstructing these myths and understanding hearing loss can help you identify and treat changes to your hearing …

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Things People with Hearing Loss Wish You Knew

In Hearing Loss by Zach Kenealey, HIS

Understanding what hearing loss is like can be tough. It is an invisible condition that is often misunderstood and stigmatized even though it shapes the daily life of the person experiencing it. Hearing loss reduces the capacity to hear and process sound which produces a range of symptoms that impacts communication. Understanding how hearing loss affects your loved one is …

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Investing in Your Health: Treating Hearing Loss

In Hearing Health by Zach Kenealey, HIS

Hearing loss is one of the fastest-growing health issues today. Impacting nearly 48 million people, hearing loss is the third most common chronic medical condition that people experience today. Though it is widespread, hearing loss is often underdiagnosed. It is estimated that only one-third of people who could benefit from treatment receive it. Treating hearing loss offers life-changing benefits that …

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Occupational Hearing Hazards

In Hearing Loss, Work & Economy by Zach Kenealey, HIS

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 24% of all cases of hearing loss are caused by occupational hearing hazards. Hearing loss is one of the most common medical conditions that people live with today, impacting nearly 48 million people. If you work in a nosier setting, it is important to practice safety measures that protect your hearing …

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October is Protect Your Hearing Month

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Zach Kenealey, HIS

Many people over the age of 65 begin to see a decline in their hearing health due to the natural process of aging. It’s not an insignificant number ⁠— by the time you reach 65 years of age, about one-third of your peers will experience hearing loss. That number climbs exponentially higher as we age so that by the time …

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Know Alzheimer’s Disease: Treat Hearing Loss in September during World Alzheimer’s Month

In Hearing Health, Mental Health by Zach Kenealey, HIS

September marks World Alzheimer’s Month. Launched in 2012, this  global campaign focuses on raising awareness about dementia which impacts 50 million people worldwide. Dementia encompasses a range of medical conditions that deteriorate cognitive capacities like decision making, memory, thinking, and learning. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s which makes up up to 90% of the dementia that people …

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Understanding Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

In Ear Health, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Zach Kenealey, HIS

Did you know that over 20% of the population of the United States suffers from hearing loss? Hearing loss can result from various factors, including the natural aging process and injury, disease, or infection. Noise-induced hearing loss, or hearing loss caused by deafening noises, is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. What is noise-induced hearing loss? Noise-Induced …

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Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

In Hearing Loss, Tips & Tricks by Zach Kenealey, HIS

Even though much of the world is still off-limits due to COVID-19, many individuals are thinking about summer vacation options right now. But with a bit of planning, your vacation will be a success. However, before you pack your bag, consider the following suggestions to make your vacation go as well as possible. Prepare for COVID restrictions Many travel experts …

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Prevent Falls by Treating Hearing Loss

In Balance, Hearing Loss, Hearing Loss Treatment by Zach Kenealey, HIS

We all know that falls happen, but that’s no reason to think of them as predetermined as we get older. Even as the risk of a falling injury increases as we age, utilizing consideration and precaution can keep you out of harm’s way.  One thing to consider, which may surprise you, is that untreated hearing loss increases your risk of …