Hearing Loss

How does damage occur?

Hearing is essential to full enjoyment and participation in life. Unfortunately, today 1 in 10 Americans — over 31 million people — experience some degree of hearing loss.

Thirty three percent of all hearing loss occurs when exposure to prolonged or loud noise destroys the nerve endings in the inner ear or along the nerve pathways to the brain. Today we endure more noise pollution than any other generation with: car horns, aerobics classes, concerts (even symphony music), IPODs, waverunners, jet planes, gun blasts and lawn mowers a common part of our lives.

What can you do to protect your hearing?

Avoid exposure (more than 15 minutes) to damaging sounds or protect your hearing if you are going to have prolonged exposure to damaging sounds. Protecting your ears can as simple as purchasing hearing plugs or muffs.

But for some people, perhaps you, it is important even critical to be able to hear well while being protected. If you are one of these people then you will love our Hearing Protection System (HPS).

Better Hearing Center’s specially designed comfort foam tip blocks harmful sounds while the HPS system digitally reduces those sounds. Perfect for hearing well in noisy environments while protecting your ears from damaging sounds.

For more information on hearing loss go to www.betterhearing.org.

How do I know if I have hearing loss?

Honestly answering the following five questions should give you a good sense of whether you are experiencing some hearing loss and could benefit from a hearing devise. (Remember the sooner you acknowledge your hearing loss, the better your chances are of slowing further decline.)

Take this Hearing Loss Quiz:

1. Do you have to turn the volume up on your television?
2. Do you frequently have to ask others to repeat what they said?
3. Do you have trouble understanding in noisy environments?
4. Do you have trouble understanding women or young children?

5. Do you have trouble understanding someone speaking to you from another room?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you may have some hearing loss and could likely benefit from one of the Better Hearing Center hearing solutions. If you would like to discuss your unique hearing needs, call us. A hearing specialist will help you make an intelligent decision about your hearing.